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Tradesman Track

Brotherhood. Recovery. Unity.


Addiction Recovery Institute of America’s program is a comprehensive milieu of proven therapeutic and supportive services designed to give union leaders, employee assistance professionals, and their members the best chance at establishing long-lasting sobriety through our evidence-based practices.


Strong Recovery Means Stronger Unions


Our aim is to collaborate thoughtfully with unions and labor organizations to support the continued success of dedicated and hard-working Americans. We strive to ally ourselves with unions in providing education to their leadership and membership alike. An honest and comprehensive understanding of addiction – and the resources available to treat it – is essential not just to individual lives, but to a healthy and productive society. Our program maintains a culture of solidarity. We emphasize fraternity and fellowship – mirroring the structure and spirit of organized labor associations.


Clear Communication

We provide dedicated toll-free call lines for each union we serve. This allows members seeking help to communicate directly with a substance abuse professional (SAP) and begin the treatment and recovery process immediately. Additionally, employers and union leaders can call to initiate the assessment process on behalf of an employee with a drug or alcohol violation.

Employees & Union Members Receive:

  • An initial substance abuse assessment to determine needs, strengths, beliefs, goals and objectives
  • A Level-of-Care assessment to determine placement into the most appropriate level of treatment or educational support
  • Comprehensive detoxification and inpatient services, as well as coordination of outpatient services
  • Development and implementation of a long-term, individualized treatment & recovery plan
  • Case management after treatment to ensure compliance with continuing care and reintegration to work and society
  • Return to work documentation

Union Leaders & Employers Receive:

  • Supportive services to retain valuable employees and members
  • All documentation for necessary releases of information and return to work paperwork
  • Coordination with agency key personnel to mitigate drug and alcohol violations
  • Communication with toxicology providers and/or Medical Examiners to provide insight on usage reporting
  • SAP credentialed, federally supported recommendations on necessary actions for each violation