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Treatment Center Reviews

Addiction Recovery Institute Of America

Addiction Recovery Institute Of America asks it’s clients and family members to provide feedback about our client treatment services. Below are some actual reviews from actual parents and clients.


Are you seeking drug and alcohol treatment for your son?

Hello, my name is Kass and I would like to share my story of living with addiction.

My addict is my son, Jack. My first born – the love of my life. He was everything you could possibly hope for in a child. He was intelligent, athletic, affectionate, and had a great sense of humor. He had it all and then one day, the sky fell. We found out Jack was an alcoholic and a drug addict. Our family was devastated. That was 5 long years ago [2009].

We tried everything to help our son. We helped him find and keep jobs, bailed him out of numerous fines and court hearings, and we tried to monitor his money and his every movement. For four years, he went in and out of rehabs and treatment centers. We threw him out of the house several times only to take him back if he promised to go back into treatment finally he agreed to go to Florida for help.

He did the same thing in Florida; relapsing again and again. During this time, I decided that I needed help because nothing we tried was helping to get my son “better”. I started to attend Nar Anon meetings. I kept going every week hoping that someone would give me the answer I needed to cure my son.

Finally, I heard an NA speaker at one of the anniversary meetings and he said that the only thing that finally made him get help and go into recovery was when his parents let him go and stopped enabling him. Then a Nar Anon speaker got up and told his story. He said that he let go of his addict when he realized that he was living the definition of insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

We had to stop the insanity and release our son with love.

I finally knew in my heart what we had to do as a family. We had to stop the insanity and release our son with love. We had to get out of his way so he could live and find his own way because we were just prolonging his active addiction. With us out of his way, Jack finally reached his bottom. He overdosed to the brink of death but his Higher Power had other plans for him and he pulled through.

He is now living a clean and sober life.

My son celebrated his 1 year in June [2014] and continues to work his program 24/7. We are very proud of him, and we have that wonderful person back, our sweet, affectionate, intelligent, funny, amazing young man. I am grateful for the 12 steps and for the AA Program, but above all I am grateful to God that I have my son back. I know now that addiction is a disease and I am powerless over it.



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