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Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is a key component in treatment at Addiction Recovery Institute Of America

Clients are assigned to a primary therapist during their stay at Addiction Recovery Institute Of America. Each primary therapist works with their assigned clients closely. Therapists meet with their clients for individual therapy 1-2 times weekly. Working closely with a therapist for individual therapy sessions is important for recovery.  It allows a client to begin to work on the issues that have contributed to their addiction.

At Addiction Recovery Institute Of America we have an “open door policy.”  We allow our clients to have regular access to their therapists. We are unlike other treatment centers because our therapists are committed to helping our clients. Our therapists are trained in different styles and techniques of therapy to allow them to work well with the varying personalities of our clients. We believe that one size does not fit all. Some clients will respond well to one style of therapy while others will not. Our therapists are trained to recognize what style and approach works best with the client. Our therapists believe in building positive therapeutic relationships to assist our clients to be successful in their recovery.

Therapists work closely with our clients and encourage them to push themselves outside of their comfort zones and focus on their addiction.  This allows clients to move forward with their lives and their recovery.

Addiction Recovery Institute Of America is proud that we have such well trained therapists who provide structured and effective therapy to our clients. Our therapists pride themselves on continuing to further their education and skill.  Having a passion for helping addicts is not something that can be taught.