Anger Management | Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Anger Management | Drug and Alcohol Treatment

During his stay at a drug and alcohol treatment center, it is likely that a man will feel angry, upset and frustrated about life and their current situation. Its understandable and, in some cases, it may be necessary to include anger management in a treatment plan.

Recognizing that anger might be a potential challenge to recovery and identifying the possible risks that are associated with anger can help determine if you or a loved one needs to incorporate a treatment for anger management in his drug and alcohol treatment program.

Anger and Managing Your Recovery

According to the Breining Institute, mind-altering drugs and substances can have an impact on an individual’s ability to manage anger. Since drugs and alcohol can make it hard to engage in appropriate behavior and control anger, it is an essential part of recovery to address the possible challenges that are associated with the behavior.

Anger can be related to a variety of concerns, including the treatment and the physical symptoms that may be related to substance abuse. Depending on the primary cause of anger, the best approach to recovery and treatment can vary slightly. In many cases, anger management can assist with the recovery process by teaching better ways to control the emotions that may arise in relation to substance abuse and recovery.

Reasons to Manage Anger

WebMD points out that anger can cause a variety of health concerns and problems if it is suppressed and ignored. Even if an individual is not ignoring the anger, he can still develop physical health concerns in relation to the substance abuse.

The possible symptoms or problems that may arise include:
  • High blood pressure
  • Headaches
  • A variety of skin disorders
  • Heart concerns, including a potential heart attack
  • Problems with the digestive system


Angry menAccording to WebMD, anger can be linked to crimes, violent behavior and even a variety of abusive situations.

Science Daily states that two out of three adolescents lose control of their anger and act out in a violent way.

Psych Central explains that the behavior that teens or adolescents engage in may range from threatening others to actually attempting to harm another individual.

Although the exact impact of anger on an adult can vary, many cases of criminal activity are related to uncontrolled anger.