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“Authentic Recovery and the Whole Person”

Incomplete Treatment and Technique Sobriety

Written By, Kirk Markey – October 14, 2016

Any effective addiction rehab center understands that their clients do not use drugs and alcohol in a vacuum.  Substance abuse is highly contextual.  It plays out along highly individualized lines, under circumstances that affect the entire
personality.  In order to foster authentic recovery, an addiction rehab center must
address these circumstances and their effects.

In 12 step culture, there is something called “technique sobriety.”  Generally used  pejoratively, this amounts to a set of rough and ready methods that keep the addict from using for a short amount of time.  Technique sobriety does not, however, bring about the fundamental personality change necessary for long term recovery.

If an addiction rehab center fails to address the entire spectrum of client needs, it  delivers the tools for “technique sobriety” at best.  The result is an unstable and unhappy recovery experience, if not inevitable relapse.  

Effective Addiction Rehab Center and Freedom

Addiction is marked by distorted perceptions.  This is one thing that most addicts have in common.  But their perceptions are distorted in unique ways, according to their make up and experience.  An addiction rehab center can only begin to undo the damage by severing the unhealthy connection between the past and present.  

One way that an addiction rehab center affects true change is by helping clients come to terms with traumatic events from their past.  Trauma therapy has proven highly effective in repairing distorted perceptions.  It can also help ground the addict in a healthier sense of reality.

A good addiction rehab center also offers cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and peer support.  These modes deepen and maintain the work done by trauma therapy.  The peer support reminds the addict of their intrinsic value, while CBT helps them recognize and correct flawed thinking.  

The end result of treatment at an addiction rehab center should be a fundamental change in personality.  This is the polar opposite of “technique sobriety” and gives clients a new sense of freedom, when for so long they felt only the chains of addiction.