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Presidential Candidates Speak Out on Decriminalization of Drug Crimes

By: ARIA Admin September 18, 2015 2 responses

Presidential Candidates Speak Out on Decriminalization of Drug Crimes

file000863634145At this week’s GOP debate, presidential candidate Carly Fiorina became yet another hopeful to speak out on the issue of addiction treatment over jail time. Fiorina revealed that her stepdaughter, Lori Ann, died in 2009 from alcohol and prescription drug addiction. According to Fiorina, Lori Ann battled her addiction for several years and was in and out of rehab. “As anyone who has loved someone with an addiction knows, you can force someone into rehab, but you can’t make her well,” Fiorina said in an earlier interview. “Only the addict can do that. Lori couldn’t — or wouldn’t — take that first step of admitting she was powerless over her addiction. And ultimately her body just gave out.”

Fiorina also weighed in earlier this year on what isn’t working with prosecuting young people for drug possession. “You have a lot of young people who are getting access to drugs and then they are getting arrested frequently — it’s just a bad, bad cycle. We need to create a circumstance in which people have a stake in their community — and they have a stake in their community because they believe their community offers them possibilities for a future.”

Fiorina’s opinion is like that of many other presidential candidates who are seeing the value of addiction treatment rather than incarceration.

Read more about the presidential debate here.

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The best intentions wont work unless the increased illegal transportation of billions of dollars of drugs across our borders isnt curtailed…other than that only a massive sweep nationwide of ALL users that deposits them in all these manned fema camps in every state for drying out could begin to make a dent.most are already on welfare so stopping funds and just diverting them to the feeding them in the camps means no extra food costs..remove many of the consumers and the activities of the rest wont be so easy to hide and the profits in drug sales drops as well as street prices will rise because of it making it unaccessible to many causing an unvoluntary drying out of many druggies..use the dang fema camps.they are costing money just sitting there manned and operational and doing no good to anyone!!

I agree with having treatment rather than jail unfortunately when put into some treatment ceters the patients soon find lack of good treatment.Some actually are able to find connectios for drugs after release when there is no aftercare. I can tell you this because I have seen it firsthand. Bsafe Bcareful Peace.Dont stop trying.

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