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12-Step Meetings

Addiction Recovery Institute Of America understands that 12-step meetings can help you with your recovery.

We will assist our clients to seek the support of 12-step meetings (“meetings”) upon request.  We provide transportation to various local meetings.

In Delray Beach there are anywhere from ten to twenty meetings daily.  Meetings consist of groups of people who “meet” for support in an attempt to resolve their problems.

There are many misconceptions about the meetings. One misconception is that you MUST speak at your first meeting.  Speaking is encouraged (introducing yourself to other attendees), but it is NOT a requirement.  Meetings are available as a support tool.  People helping people otherwise unable to help themselves.

Meetings are optional at Addiction Recovery Institute Of America.  Addiction Recovery Institute Of America will provide education and materials about the 12-steps, but we will not force you to attend.

Addiction Recovery Institute Of America does not promote and is not affiliated with any 12-step fellowships.

For your convenience here are several helpful links.

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The Crossroads Club-12-step based Club House in Delray Beach

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